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Silver Valour
Hey! My name is Jade, feel free to message me if we share some common interests!

I absolutely adore Richard Madden, Sam Claflin and Max Irons (if you couldn't already tell by looking at my blog! c:) Imagine Dragons, Game of Thrones, The White Queen, Vikings, Sirens, Merlin, Klondike, Revolution, Orphan Black, etc. are also a huge part of my life<3


Lily Collins and Sam Claflin at the ‘Love, Rosie’ premiere in Rome

I am in love with Lily’s dress

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Sam Claflin talking about ‘Mockingjay Pt 1’ 

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Sam Claflin attends the photocall of the movie ‘Love, Rosie’ during the Rome Film Festival, on October 19, 2014

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